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this is side one

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Recently I’ve been seeing a lot friends and people I went to school with embark on their first LDR (better know as Long Distant Relationship) and it really really pains me, not just because they’re sad or worried because it’s all new but because I know what it feels like, and I hated that feeling. Once a day if not more I was reminded that “oh the person I love is 500 and some odd miles away” I held down 3 jobs so I could fly up twice to see Sam (yes it’s fairly cheap especially if it’s not too far) and still be able to live comfortably, the worst part was the over night shifts. Those drained me and by the time Sam would be waking up for school, I’d be just getting to sleep. And it literally breaks my heart a little to know that people have to go through that shit. It tests every little last drop of patience you have, other times it sends you to bed worrying or scared which doesn’t help anything. it’s a crazy fucking roller coaster, a very unpredictable one at that. So if you’re starting an LDR with someone you’ve been with and have spent so much of your time with; do not under any circumstance let the miles or hours swallow you. They’re just a set of numbers that show that you and your significant location. It does not define how much love you have for them and how much you care about your relationship. I understand my time apart from sam was only for a few months (it was unexpected return) but I still know the frustration, worry. Sadness that it brings. Communication is very important. Skype is an amazing tool for communicating away from phone calls, texting, emails, etc. so if you’re starting one of these remember. Hours and miles do not define how much you love and care about your significant other/ relationship. YOU are the only contributing factor to your loved one. It’s hard to pretend that you’re okay with those 3 some even 4 digit numbers being the physical space between the two of you. But the times you do get to spend together will be that much more amazing. 😘

Happy (a day late because I didn’t get a free second to do so yesterday) birthday to this wonderful girl 😘. Sometimes your singing bugs me but I know I’ll never tire of it, you’re wonderful and beautiful and absolutely amazing. I’ve had a lot of wine with you right now and I hope you had a wonderful day and I hope I can make this weekend as great for you too. I hope you enjoy your Demi Lovato tickets and I hope you have a wonderful year. #3 birthdays down many more to go. 😘😍 I love you.

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Stuck in an elevator. I have to pee, and I cant really entertain myself as far as reading things on my phone Because its going die very soon. Looooool fuck


"Mega Semadhi reckons he’ll be a priest by the time he’s 50, but until then he’s happy being a pro surfer. β€˜Baruna is our god of the sea,’ he always says."

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